Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yep I Did It!

No not pick out the dress, but book a makeup artist. That might seem silly to some but to me it was huge. I have struggled with skin issues since my teenage years and have been very self conscious. A good example would be my senior year of high school on the varsity volleyball team the under class men pulled a prank on us. On a Saturday morning they "kidnapped" us literally pulling us all out of our beds at an ungodly hour. I fought them not because I wanted to get dressed, not because I wanted to brush my hair or teeth, I fought them because I needed my concealer. I was mortified that someone might see my imperfect skin. You better believe they teased me that I screamed for my concealer but I didn't care, to me that was serious business. Luckily it all turned out ok because they took us out to breakfast and no one said anything about what I considered horrific skin, even if they did notice.

So of course when considering my wedding day look my makeup is a top priority. I want someone who is going to be able to make me look my best, as flawless as possible and make sure it lasts through countless hugs, kisses and sweating in the July heat. My dress will take care of itself and we will find something but my skin is unpredictable. Being that I am also a bit of a makeup junkie and know a thing or two about makeup I have high expectations and might be a bit hard to please in this area.

I had one trial with someone in the city who was reasonably priced and well respected so I thought I would give her a shot. While her makeup was really good it was a bit much for a wedding and within a few hours my makeup had faded. So next on my list was Nancy Dawson from Brideface who I had heard was the best in the city and of course I had to check her out.

Nancy spent years working for Laura Mercier and has even worked side by side with her. During my trial I was not disappointed. I was impressed with her technique, tools and products that she used. She is definitely very knowledgeable and a professional artist in all respects. I was really pleased with my makeup. I definitely had beautifully defined eyes without it being too much and wonderfully long fake lashes. Most of my makeup held up really well for about 10 hours and I was really pleased. I did have a few concerns regarding my skin type and problematic areas. But after many conversations with Nancy since my trial I am fully confident that she will make me look amazing. She was very receptive to my feedback and wants to make sure that I am 100% happy and will be adjusting my makeup appropriately for the wedding. Of course that is what a trial is for to find out what works best for each individual.

To sum it up Nancy is very talented and worth every penny in my opinion. She has impressed me in all aspects of customer service and actual makeup. I definitely have peace of mind that I will look great on our wedding day and feel that I am getting the quality of a famous high end professional makeup artist.


Heather said...

Aren't those lashes fabulous? :)

Nancy is superb and I probably would have booked her anyway, but once she put those lashes on I was sold! ;)

andrewekennedy said...

You dont need makeup you look good no matter what but do what you want :)