Monday, August 18, 2008

Brunch Anyone?

This weekend we went to a wedding and the day after the wedding they held a brunch for immediate family members and all out of town guests. I thought it was a thoughful gesture that those who would be out of town would need a place to eat breakfast and allows the bride and groom to spend a bit more time with those who traveled to see them. We really enjoyed the brunch and the opportunity to talk to our friends again before we headed back home.

My sister put it perfectly that sometimes a wedding is more fun for the guests because they all get to visit together while the Bride and Groom after the reception go into seclusion in their hotel room and then head straight off to the honeymoon. I have been to weddings where I felt bad for the Bride and Groom because we were all spending quality time together having fun and visiting and they, well, weren't.

We would love to host a day after brunch just to be able to spend some down time with all those people who traveled to be with us. Tonight I began scouting places to hold a brunch. I am hoping to find a local place near the hotel that has a bit of charm. We went to Keystone Bar and Grill in the Greenup area of Covington. They have one room with lots of charm but unfortuneatly isn't big enough. Upstairs they have another room that would fit everyone but is a bar area at nights and just doesn't seem like it would be converted well into a brunch space. Unless they get back to me with amazing prices I think we will check this place off our list and move on.

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Anonymous said...

we'll find a good place I think it is a good idea and I liked it a lot too