Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cake Jewelry

I have decided that I like the more traditional all white cakes.  I'm leaning towards the pearl look and letting the cake have its own jewelry.  I don't want the evenly spaced pearl look that almost looks like beads all over the layers but the look of pearls over flowing.  Our baker and cake designer has already seen these pictures and doesn't think it will be a problem to create which really excites me since I wasn't sure if it was possible.  I think pearls are really classic and add an elegant look to the all white cake.  Here are the pictures that have inspired the look I want to go for as of right now:

Instead of the print on the layers our cake layers would just be plain and smooth.  This cake would not need a cake topper which I love since I am not crazy about most cake toppers.  If we went with something more like the top cake it would not include the flower and maybe we would do more pearls at the top (like the bottom pic).  If we went with a cake topper maybe pearl K monogram.

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