Friday, August 29, 2008

Going Overboard

I think I might have just gone a bit overboard with the silk florals. Hobby Lobby had these purple dahlias that are a perfect match to the purple we are going for, so I bought most of the ones they had displayed. I bought them during a half off sale and figured I better buy them while on sale than to go back later and have them be out of stock or full price. I was going to use them for pew decorations but after looking at the pews the project I had in mind most likely won't work. I think I am going to hold onto the flowers for a little bit longer in case I come up with a different project I need them for.

On the other hand I got these cute pomanders during the sale also. In person they look quite real and our flower girls can just keep them for dress-up when the wedding is over. The only bummer is that they won't be orange to match all the other bridal party florals but the upside is that they are way cheaper than our original plan and will help to lower our floral bill.

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Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! I love u so much! I love the white flowers for Lily.. Take back the others please