Monday, August 4, 2008

Purple Dresses

Along with finding the wedding dress I am also on a search for the perfect purple dress for the girls.  I don't want lavendar or eggplant but a nice vibrant purple.  I don't want it to scream bridesmaid and hope that it's a dress that they might actually be capable of wearing again.  Lastly I obviously want them all to look good in it and like it.  So it seems that the work has been cut out for me.  Earlier this summer I was having a hard time finding anything and thought it was going to be impossible but things seem to be turning around with the change of the seasons.  Purple is one of the new colors of fall and I have been seeing it pop up everywhere which means we just might have actually have a chance at finding what we want.  If all else fails we will just pick a black dress they all like and can wear again and call it a day.  Here is an example of a dress that I have recently found in the purple I am looking for:

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