Friday, August 15, 2008


I have never thought of myself to be a tiara girl. When the word tiara is mentioned I think of pretty pretty princesses and images like this pop into my head:

Not really the look I am going for. When looking at wedding dresses I have purposefully stayed away from the princess look. I am hoping for something more understated, classic and elegant. However while looking around I have seen some tiaras that are actually pretty and worth considering. Being that I am going to wear my hair down or mostly down, adding something to my hair might not be such a bad idea and would give my veil something to anchor into.

Pictures taken from Ciulla Photography

I think this tiara looks beautiful on her and really adds something with the veil. For me I would choose something a bit simpler but it could work. This is one idea I just might consider and not completely write off, we will just have to see...

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