Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feeling like a Bride

I have to say I have yet to really feel like a "bride." When I got engaged it just felt weird to actually look at my finger and see the ring because getting married was something we always talked about but now it was for real and I couldn't believe it was there. People constantly ask me if I feel like I'm on cloud nine and seem to expect me to feel different, as if being engaged is an enlightened sense of being. To be completely honest it still just feels like me only now I am picking out flowers and tasting cake flavors. But today we went dress shopping for the second time and I felt a little bit like a bride. The first time I went dress shopping it was just surreal that I was actually trying gowns on. Tonight I was actually able to soak it all in a little bit and enjoy feeling bridal. I am sure tomorrow I will wake up feeling normal again, which is perfectly fine with me, but tonight I am a little giddy with being a bride.

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