Monday, August 11, 2008

Monograms Demistified

Monograms are huge right now. You see monograms on invitations, programs, escort cards, gobo lighting, seating charts, cakes, cookies, napkins and list goes on. If you can put a monogram on it you bet a bride has done it. Monograms have also gotten really creative and include more than just three initials. This is one trend I like because you can really make your monogram your own and use it where ever to personalize your wedding. Monograms don't even require a graphic designer because they are really easy to make! Fancy software is not needed all you need is your basic power point. Here is a link to a video that gives step by step instructions to make your DIY Monogram.

Some other great resources to make a monogram is to download different fonts from Dafont or House of Lime. These great sites have beautiful fonts and dingbats for graphic elements and flourishes.
Sometimes a graphic designer can be helpful if you want something really complicated.

Here are some different types and ways Monograms have been used:

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