Saturday, October 4, 2008

What the h*** was she thinking?

I realize every bride has different tastes and styles so obviously we all aren't going to like the same thing. But this one takes the cake. I regularly peruse certain photographer's blogs since I absolutely love photography. This bride's hairstyle is beyond me. I mean it looks like they forgot to finish her hair. The part that really bewilders me is that the photographer posted that she is a hair designer and wanted a really "fabulous do." The pictures of the wedding were beautiful but the hair is questionable. I actually feel really bad for her because I am sure at some point in time she is going to look back at these and think: What was I doing? Unfortuneatly for her I feel she will be asking herself that sooner rather than later.

Taking a cue from Glamour magazine and using the black box to block out the eyes in hopes of maintaining her identity since I really do feel for her.

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