Thursday, October 23, 2008

Andy's Honeymoon Perspective

Tuesday after our engagement pictures we went out for dinner and made it a date night in the middle of the week. We were driving home and normally I start most wedding conversations but Andy just opens up with,"I have been thinking about the honeymoon. All I care about is that we go somewhere that we can be entertained, we aren't on a schedule, and we are able to have nice meals." I have to laugh a bit because of course from a guy's perspective the food is on the top of the list. Although he doesn't mean down-home, good ole country cooking but upscale five star dining. But I also totally get it. He wants to wine and dine and spend some quality time together. The big glitzy honeymoon is nice and part of me still wants it but at the same time going somewhere where we can just enjoy being married is the most important of all. If only we could find this magical place within all of our picky constraints.

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