Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We are considering to scrap the whole beach honeymoon idea and instead do something within driving distance. My favorite place in the entire world is New York City. I love love love the city. Every time I go I don't want to leave and I never have enough time to do everything I want. Originally I shot down the idea of an NYC honeymoon because I want to do something relaxing and felt in New York we would be on the go too much. But then when we were realizing that flying to a tropical location might be out I thought maybe we could just spend a week exploring the city at our leisure, dine out, and just enjoy being there without rushing around. I am not at all sure if driving there is a reality or not since it is somewhere around 10-11 hours. I was thinking there might be some sort of detour we could take on the way there and back that might cut up the drive into two parts, but who knows.

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