Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Engagement Pictures, Check

Yesterday we took our engagement pictures and it was wonderful! We ended up with a sunny day and blue skies which was all we could ask for. It was a bit chilly but nothing unbearable and I was willing to freeze my butt off for good pictures. We actually were up for doing anything for the pictures because we were having fun! I was afraid Andy would think it was kinda stupid to have engagement pictures and wouldn't understand why we were doing it, but he loved it just as much as me.

Geri is an amazing photographer! Not only is she talented but she was just fun to be with. We get along really well and enjoyed spending close to two hours with her which is great since she will be spending our entire wedding day with us. In fact we probably could have just sat down with her to chat over a cup of coffee but that whole pesky taking pictures thing got in the way. We obviously can't tell you how the pictures look just yet but I have no doubts about them.

The only disappointment out of the whole experience was that there weren't any brilliant colored leaves on any trees which I was hoping for. But you can't control mother nature. Oh yeah and we were out there so long that it got too dark to take any more pictures otherwise we could have kept going. Maybe Geri will let us do this again before the wedding?

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