Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day After Brunch

Today I am revisiting the Day After Brunch, which was something I REALLY wanted to incorporate with our wedding. But after looking into a few options we realized this was an expense we didn't really have room for.

Well after attending the Day After Brunch at the wedding we were at this weekend Andy is now also very much on board with attempting to make it happen for us also. By having a brunch the day after it just gives everyone a chance to visit again in a more relaxed atmosphere. Also you want to make sure that you get a chance to really talk with everyone who has traveled to be with you.

Unfortunately we aren't going to be able to have the superb catered event that we attended this weekend. Instead we were thinking of a much more casual event. Our hotel has a courtyard in the back with a gazebo and a few tables. We are hoping to assemble: bagels, pastries and a few other items under the gazebo just to provide some breakfast before the guests hit the road again and a chance to mingle one more time.

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