Friday, May 1, 2009

Bridesmaid Jewelry

So I have been procrastinating in posting these pictures because I can't seem to take one good picture of the jewelry I recently worked on for the bridesmaids. For some reason I can not get a focused close up shot so that you can actually see the detail. So please forgive the awful blurry pictures.

All of the pieces are made using pearls and swarovski crystals. The photos don't show how they are sparkly which is my favorite part.

I made 2 different versions of the bracelet and have yet to decide which I like better. When Tiffany comes into town I will give her the choice. I used a magnetic closure to make them really simple to put on.

Also I made 2 different styles of earrings. I like the longer dangle ones better but that's my style. I know that some might prefer the shorter so I am still deciding what to do there.

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