Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today was all about ribbons. I went to two different JoAnn Fabrics to track down more spools of the 1.5 inch, orange, satin ribbon since my local store was out. Unfortunately after I cut the ribbon I am still three short so I will have to go track down one more spool.

Today's project was the most tedious thus far. We folded them so that when the ends are secured under the square tag they taper in. I thought this looked a little bit more elegant or fancier than just attaching the ribbon flat. If you remember from the trial run the ribbons will look similar to this:

It was important to be precise so that the folds on each side of the taper are equal and that the dip in the middle is actually in the middle and not off-centered. Overall this part took around 3 hours with the help of my sister. Sure it could have been much worse, but again it was just tedious.

Here are all the folded ribbons ready to be attached.


Greg said...

u are nuts girl!! i was working on my invites til midnight with my friend who's making them and they are not half as complicated as yours - those are beauts!

Greg said...

oh sorry - guess greg was still logged in that is from me (lucy):)