Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dress Is In

My dress is in and I picked it up today! I was slightly frustrated at the bridal store because they never called me to come pick it up and when I called earlier this week they said it has been in for awhile now. O well.

At first when I put the dress on I was slightly disappointed. It didn't look the same as I remembered and I felt I looked worse in it. But that was because it was too big since I have lost a good amount of weight! Once they pulled it tight around me to show what the alterations would look like it all came flooding back and I loved it again. Needless to say the problem of having it be too big is a problem I am very happy to have!

I tried on my veil I made the other night and we have decided to shorten it. I am going to shorten it to a waltz length which is right around the knees just past the fingertips.

Picking up the dress makes it all very real and is getting me excited. For so long the wedding has been months and months away. Now it's actually coming up soon!

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