Monday, April 13, 2009

Invitation Progress

Today I may significant invitation progress. I was able to score and fold all of the purple cardstock to make the gatefolds. Then later in the evening Tiffany and I adhered all of the invites to the gatefolds. I would say the scoring and folding took about 2.5-3 hours total but that was doing it by myself since I only had one scorer and at different intervals during the day. It took the two of us about 1 hour to adhere the invites to the cardstock. The project really ended up being painless and much easier than I had anticipated. Here is hoping the next step of cutting and folding the ribbons is just as easy.

Here they are waiting for the next step in the process and below is us working on them.

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Lucy said...

Hey vanessa! These look fab! I was working on invites yesterday too! I've got to get mine out the door within the next week so it's crunch time. Where all are you registered? I found you on bbandb but I couldn't find you on any other obvious ones...I wanted to see you china:)