Monday, April 27, 2009

Postal Frustration

I am slightly frustrated at the post office. I need to put the postage on my RSVPs before I am able to assemble them and seal them in the envelopes. I picked postcard RSVPs so that we wouldn't have to pay for full postage. On May 11th the postage rates are changing. So I need the new stamps so that when people mail their RSVPs they actually make it back to me. Unfortunately no post office carries them yet. I called multiple post offices today and no one knows when they will be carrying it either. So for now my invitations have been stunted until I can track down the new postcard stamps. O well.

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Lucy said...

i got them up here in germantown but it took me going into the post office twice! the first person was like oh no you'll have to do a 27 and a 1 so i bought them but luckily hadn't used them bc when i went in the next day a different person was like oh yeh we have those...they are cute polar bears lol! if you still can't find them let me know and i'll buy some and send 'em to ya!