Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lots of good things!

Today I found out that I am getting lots of good and unexpected things.

First I spoke with my florist today to confirm all the flowers and final designs. I found out that ranunculus is pretty much done for the season and even if I was Oprah I couldn't get them. So I was a bit bummed when I heard this. Especially since we are having a gum paste ranunculus on top of our cake to match our flowers, o well.

However instead my florist is going to get for me the coral peonies which are the exact ones from my inspiration picture that we are using to base my bouquet off of. Because of the last minute change due to mother nature I am going to get the peonies without the extra up charge, yay! These peonies are tree peonies and not like the bush ones, they don't have as many layers of petals but either way are pretty!

The big bright flowers are the exact coral peonies I am going to get.

My second good thing is that I found out I am going to get a second photographer the day of my wedding for free! Yep, that's right free. We spoke with our photographer and initially wanted the second photog for the ceremony and bit before hand so that we could make sure we got all the important details. It's not like the photographer can say, "Wait walk back down the aisle I didn't get the shot I wanted."

But when we looked at the timeline we realized we were going to have to add on an hour or two and we couldn't afford adding time and a second photographer. Our photographer's business is starting to boom and she is going to bring the second photographer with her to start to get some more experience before she starts making it standard to have two photographers.

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