Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hair Ideas

This week is my hair trial and I have yet to post anything about hair. So here is the deal: Andy hates updos. Mostly because when he thinks of updos he thinks of 1980's prom hair. He would prefer I wear it down and straight like everyday. But I disagree considering I am not wearing everyday clothes, jewelry or makeup, my hair should fit the rest of the look.

While I wouldn't mind a loose updo I know he would be disappointed. Since he is doing so many things for me in terms of the wedding to make me happy I am going to meet him halfway on this one. I would like something half up, half down. I want something done with the hair and this way part of it is done but part of it is also down like normal everyday life. Here are some pictures I plan on taking to my stylist:

I will however let my stylist play around with different ideas, I don't necessarily want to replicate something I have exactly.

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