Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let's Eat Cake!

Over the weekend we had our final cake tasting and design meeting. First to the important part the cake flavors: on the bottom will be carrot cake with a cream cheese filling, the second layer a lemon cake with raspberry filling and on the top a chocolate cake with a chocolate hazelnut filling.

In terms of design the cake will incorporate all of the same design elements that have been going on in the invitation and that will be repeated on the programs and such. Most cakes have two layers: one layer, filling, second layer. The second tier of our cake will be three layers to make it a little bit taller than the rest of the cake. On the second tier an orange ribbon will be wrapped around the middle that matches the ribbon on our invitations. Then in a purple icing that matches the invitations she is going to pipe the graphic that is on all of our paper products. This band around the cake will mimic the band around the invitations. Lastly she is going to put an orange 3 inch gum paste ranunculus at the top. Ranunculus is being used in my bouquet and as Andy's bout so it will tie in nicely. I am thrilled not to have to buy an expensive cake topper that I won't ever use again.

The cake will mimic the band on our invitations above.

We are really excited about the cake! The design is simple but I still feel its dramatic and classy. Additionally it will flow with all of the other elements of the event. But most importantly it is going to be very yummy!

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