Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple Cardbox

Lauren is getting married on Friday and it didn't even cross her mind to make a card box. So when the reception venue coordinator mentioned it she already had enough last minute details to attend to that she asked me to take on the task. She didn't really care what she ended up with as long as it could hold cards. Since the wedding was less than a week away I figured simpler was better.

So I scrounged the house for boxes ending up with a sweater box left over from Christmas and a shoe box. I bought one roll of wedding wrapping paper for $2.49 + tax and 30-60 minutes later viola:

It really was quite simple and here is what I did. First I cut the hole in the bottom of the shoe box. Then I placed that in the middle of the sweater box lid and traced the hole I had just cut. Next I cut the same the same hole in the top of the sweater box. I wrapped the sweater box just like a present and then cut the paper over the whole and taped it inside. Next I wrapped only the shoe box bottom the same way. Lastly I cut a slit in the top of the shoe box lid, wrapped it and placed it on the top. You could glue the lid down so that no one can get into the box until after the wedding, but I did not so that they could just take the lid off to get inside.

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