Monday, February 9, 2009

Paper, paper and more paper

My current hunt is for the perfect paper, purple paper to be exact. I haven't had any trouble finding good cream or white cardstock for the invite card to mounted inside the gatefold. But finding the purple paper to make the gatefold has turned into my new obsession. I never thought that choosing my main color to be purple would send me in constant searches for the right shade in bridesmaid dresses, now paper, and who knows tomorrow maybe pew bows.

Today I made some headway and went downtown to Xpedx a paper store to be able to look at specific paper shades and feel their weight/texture. It definitely helped me cross out some options and narrow down my choices. They let me take home some samples and those I couldn't get samples from I ordered off of anchor paper online. Once they come in I am just going to have to settle and make a choice because deciding between a lighter metallic paper or a darker matte paper is beginning to make my head spin.

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