Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lauren's Wedding

Lauren's wedding went off without a hitch yesterday! It was a beautiful winter day with snow on the ground, seasonable weather, and the sun finally decided to come out after a week and a half of arctic weather. The day went by so fast. Everything went so smoothly mostly due to the fact that they had simplified everything. One person on each side of the bridal party, no seating of the mothers, no programs, no exit of the church, no bouquet toss or garter toss, no DJ, no reception entrance, no pomp and circumstance. There was lots of love, laughter, friends, family, and celebrating. It was one of the most enjoyable weddings I have ever been to. Congratulations Lauren and Lance!

Have you ever wondered what the bridal party is doing back in one of the rooms while waiting for the ceremony to start? Here you go.

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