Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Belly Bands

To close the gatefold and hold everything together we are going to use a ribbon belly band. It took some trial and error but finally figured out how I wanted them made. Originally I started with a thinner ribbon and all the pieces were orange. I like the thicker ribbon better, it seems more balance. The thicker ribbon was also easier to fold to create the luxe taper look. I followed directions from thecheshirekat on how to fold the ribbon. The graphic on the inside is orange but decided that it would be best to switch it to purple for the outside. Two of the mock ups are below, keep in mind these are ROUGH mock ups just to give ideas and help us figure out the final product. We are going to go with the one on the bottom. I think I need to make the cream square with graphic larger and I'm not completely sold on the shimmer orange paper since the rest of the invitation is matte cardstock.

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