Monday, November 10, 2008

Ribbons and Bands

Another invitation idea I am considering is skipping any sort of graphic and using a ribbon or band across the invitation. The ribbon can be horizontal or vertical and is normally close to one of the sides so that is pushes the text up, down, left or right. This idea would be possible using a simple word document and complicated computer skills or programs are not needed. However there would be the factor of assembly time to put the ribbons on each invitation.

These invitations with the tied ribbon are really pretty but I am not sure if I like this idea. Inevitably the carefully tied knot is going to get smashed in the mail so when it gets to the receiver it won't look nearly as nice as how you sent it. Also the knot will add bulk and all the pieces won't lay flat in the envelope which for someone like me who is slightly anal retentive that would drive me crazy.

I was unable to find any pictures of invitations with a flat ribbon that I would be willing to post as a good example. If you can imagine it a flat ribbon would be just like the band in the picture below. I have seen many in person and I think a flat ribbon looks just as nice as the fancy knots and bows.

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