Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Planning for the Marriage

Often in the wedding planning process we focus on the centerpieces, table cloths, clothing, accessories, invitation fonts and all the small details. But the whole point of the wedding it to join to people together and often people spend too much time planning the wedding and not the marriage. We are attempting to also properly plan for the marriage even though planning for the wedding can be so much fun!

Andy and I have been together for a long time, 8 years so of course we have discussed many of the big things, but you don't always discuss the little things that can have just as much impact. It has been very important for me to find premarital counseling that would address the differences between the two of us as individuals and not just problems of marriage in general. With the help of my future mother in law I believe we have found the right person who will give us each a personality test and then discuss the differences in our tests and how they will affect our marriage in the long run. I am really excited to talk to this woman the problem is I have to actually call her even though I have been sidetracked by the impending holidays and day to day life.

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