Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Really Getting It

There are some wedding things that I have completely fallen victim to but there are other things that I just really don't get. One being an aisle runner. I understand that they are used to protect the aisle if petals are being tossed. An aisle runner also is used to define an aisle in places where there really isn't one such as conference rooms, outside locations, etc... But in a church if you aren't doing the petal thing what is point? This is one of those items that I just wonder what the heck you do with after the wedding and is it really worth the money?

I can understand slightly if the church has dingy old carpet and you want to try to make the sanctuary a bit more classy. I will say aisle runners can add that bridal/wedding affect. Aisle runners just aren't my thing and I would rather spend the money on something else. Luckily for me I can't be suckered or pressured into buying one since they are explicitly not allowed by my church. Why? I have no idea, but it was good news to me.

Even though I'm not crazy about them, aisle runners can be pretty and a way for you to include your monogram or personalize your ceremony location. For those of you who really enjoy the look an aisle runner adds here are step by step instructions to five different DIY aisle runners.

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andrewekennedy said...

if you get isle runners you be trippin' literally and figuratively!!!!