Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Church Decor Changes

Yesterday I returned all the silk florals. The pew decorations I had in mind won't work and to try to use them in other ways just might look pitiful and well just not worth the added expense. I would rather not do decorations than have something that looks well, cheap. We will have the wrought iron candle sticks at the end of the pew provided by the church and might add a simple bow which I think that will be enough.

For the idea of the letters on the pulpits instead of the silk florals I am entertaining the idea of using the method that many have used for tissue pomanders. This method will be a bit more cost effective and since the letters will be far away and not up close people most likely from the pew will not be able to tell that its tissue paper. And even if they do notice I still think they look good. To see what I am talking about you can check out one of my new favorite blogs VintageGlam. She has directions on how to make the tissue flowers and pictures of how she used them to make pomanders, originally from Martha Stewart. I can use the same method but just to make a different shape with the same effect.

Here is the result from Vintage Glam and the same method but in a wreath shape from knottie likefrankiesaid to give you an idea that they can definitely be used to make various shapes.


kathy kaschyk said...

To be honest, I feel the tissue papered initals are too "high schoolish" rah, rah, rah. Even if the initials were covered with the overstuff tissue paper flowers. It is very easy with your enthusiasm to over do. Put your efforts into a few things and do them well. Remember, less is best. (on many different levels)

andrewekennedy said...

i have no comment on decor.. i think the less the better but that is just me.. love ya