Monday, September 1, 2008

Happiness in a Vase

Flowers make me gloriously happy. I would chose a bouquet of fresh flowers over chocolate and jewelrey any day of the week. So the thought of not being able to have fresh floral centerpieces bummed me out a bit. Not having an unlimited budget meant floral centerpieces weren't high on the need list and in fact aren't on the need list but I really really really want list.

A few weeks ago I was on the west side of town and near a store that sells glass pieces and candles at a discount. I thought I would browse through the store just to see what they had and thought maybe I would find something that would spark some ideas. As I walked up and down the aisles I came across these cute mini huricanne glasses that are in the perfect shade of purple to go with our colors. I turned the glass over to be only more excited that they are just $0.75 a pop. Instantly my brain was buzzing with different ideas of using them with candles on the bar, on the guest book table or even maybe with flowers too. I bought only one because I wanted to take it home, get opinions and try a few things out before I was stuck with too many mini hurricanes glasses that I couldn't return.

A week later I was grocery shopping at Fresh Market when I passed by the floral department. Even if I am not going to buy flowers I always stop and look at them just to enjoy their beauty. As I was looking I came upon a dozen orange unique roses, most likely the orange rose we will be using in all of the bouquets. I thought back to the mini hurricane vase sitting on my counter at home and scooped up the dozen to see if just maybe my mini purple vase/candle holder would work with the orange roses.

Well when I got home and put the roses in the vase I was absolutely delighted! My preference for centerpieces are low (so you can see everyone across the table), tight, lush and full. One dozen roses fit perfectly into the mini vase, looking full and lush. I loved them but made sure to get a few other opinions before settling and well everyone else loved them too! Andy even made a comment at how nice the flowers looked before I told him they were our centerpiece mock-up. The flowers are going on a round mirror provided by our reception venue and surrounded by 5 votives. Even though in all the pictures the vase looks black it definitely isn't and when on the mirror with candles lit they illuminate the vase showing off the purple hue. The pictures aren't great but they give you a good sense of what it looks like.

I have since been back to the store to buy many more mini purple hurricane vases. I have some different options of where I will be able to wholesale order orange roses at $6-7 a dozen. I plan on buying votives from Hobby Lobby during their next half off sale. All combined I we will be able to make the centerpieces at just under or at $10 each. I am giddy with delight that even on a budget we are going to get real floral centerpieces that are still gorgeous, classy and if I must say elegant. I am quite possibly in love with the centerpieces and have realized: yes, you can find happiness in a vase.

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Anonymous said...

the mirror will be good touch! Cant wait! I find happiness in yooooooooooou!