Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fallen By the Wayside

I have had a few projects fall by the wayside as we grow nearer. One being the photo sharing cards. While I created a group account on photobucket for our guests to share their wedding pictures with us and others I dropped the ball on the cards. I have a design ready to go but it's just to late to order the cards. I could order them and pay ridiculous amounts to have them rushed but at this point it's just not worth it. I might just print slips and put them in thank you cards.
Another project that might get dropped is making myself a bracelet. I bought the materials months ago but just was plain lazy and haven't done it yet. Now I might not have time, I guess we will just see. oops.

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sarah said...

I think the slips in thank you cards is good, but another option would be to just send them to kinko's to get printed and cut on a lightweight cardstock. If you use just black ink and plain cardstock, it shouldn't cost much money and they can usually get it done same-day (and for pretty cheap!). Just a thought!