Sunday, July 5, 2009

Excited, Elated, Nervous and Sad

The above words are all the feelings I am currently experiencing at once. I am excited and elated that the wedding is almost here! It feels very surreal that everything is actually happening. I am also excited and elated that soon I will get to go back to normal life as a married woman and just relax and be me again. As I tell people, "Just humor me I will regain my brain in less than 2 weeks."

I am nervous about getting all the loose ends taken care of in time. I am nervous about everything coming together smoothly. I am not at all nervous about getting married but I am nervous about walking down the aisle and having everyone stare at me.

I am sad because soon it's all going to be over. Over a year of planning, thinking and preparing for the big day. But in one day after a day of bliss poof it will be gone I am also sad that there is no more dreaming about what I could do or might do. No more picking up bridal magazines and looking through the pages for new ideas to incorporate. At this point what has been planned will get executed but we can't add anything else.

How it's possible to feel excited, elated, nervous and sad about the same exact thing, I'm not really sure.

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