Sunday, January 25, 2009

Marriage Planning Begun

Today was our first day of marriage preparation. To us it's just as important to make sure we plan for our marriage along with the wedding. Our first session went really well and I am excited to continue on this path. Some people might shy away from confronting concerns and issues thinking that it might cause more problems. Instead it can help to bring you together and make your foundation stronger. We recieved homework which was to take personality tests that we will compare to each other and use for further discussion. I am looking forward to going back, finding the results of our tests, and having further discussion.

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Lucy said...

hey vanessa, we were assigned to read the book "saving you marriage before it starts" by leslie and les parrott. we haven't started reading it yet but it looks good. i think the title is funny but it's true many people don't think about what it really means to be in a marriage and how much work it is! we have two more sessions with our pastor and i am looking forward to them!