Saturday, July 26, 2008

V is for Vows

During the whole wedding planning process I have been reading many blogs that have been helpful in giving me different ideas and resources. So I thought why not contribute to the world of blogging that I have found so helpful. The only problem was finding a name that wasn't shall we say cheesalicious or boring that still encompassed a bit of me. Trying to help me with a name my sister was reflecting on how back in middle school during those getting to know you ice breaker games we all had to introduce ourselves with a word that described us using the first letter of our first name. I always hated those games because what was I supposed to do with Vanessa? At 13 my vocabulary wasn't necessarily sophisticated enough to think of much and the only V word I could come up with was vivacious. What else was I going to say: vixen, vapid, voluptuous, vulgar, vigorous . . . yeah right! So with my best forced smile I said, "Hi I'm Vanessa and I'm vivacious." Well to my dismay everyone thought it was cute and soon I became known as Vivacious V and later thankfully shortened to just V. As we were talking about my past nickname we realized there is a very important wedding word that starts with V . . . vows and so V is for Vows was born. I hope those of you reading who actually know us enjoy getting to be part of our journey to the aisle and those of you who don't gather some ideas or at least enjoy a laugh at how silly brides can be.

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Heather said...

Hey Vanessa,

Just thought I'd stop in and welcome you to the blogosphere. :)

I'll make sure to look up that code for you sometime after I'm finished w/ the bar.