Sunday, July 27, 2008

Purple and Orange

One of the first questions most brides get asked is: "What are your colors?" This was one thing I had given some thought to but never spent too much energy worrying about. I always thought I wanted to include my favorite color, purple, but just wasn't sure how it would work out. Then I ran across this picture and thought orange and purple was a really interesting color combination. The two colors together is something I would have never considered on my own but I really like how they popped against each other.

So when people asked me that famous first question I would tell them I was considering purple and orange. Some people embraced the idea however I have received more horrified looks than I care to count. Everyone's reactions had me justifying my thinking to other people, even strangers. All of this made me realize this is our wedding, I like it, and that's all that matters. Yes it's different, yes it's unique but that's what draws me to these colors. The fact that I haven't seen a million other purple and orange weddings is very appealing and one way we are personalizing our wedding. The colors are vibrant and I am looking forward to finding tasteful ways to incorporate them. Here are some other pictures I have found that have inspired my purple and orange colors:

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