Thursday, July 31, 2008

Roses, Daisies and Dahlias Oh My!

I am in complete floral mode considering I went to all of my florist meetings this week. At the beginning of the week I had ideas but wasn't 100% sure what I wanted. Well after a week's worth of meeting with florists, looking at pictures and lots of talking about flowers I have finally been able to pin down what I like and don't like. I have learned that I like the round, lush, full look of hand tied bouquets. Here is the inspiration picture I showed all of the florists:
I won't be having the peonies since they will be out of season or the sweat pea since it's very finicky and wilts easily. I will be having different sizes/types of roses (for the texture), ranunculus, and maybe garden roses to mimick the peonies if they fit into the budget. The colors will be similar with the lightest color a peachy cream, including various shades of pink and then some oranges(think more of a mango color not pumpkin orange) to incorporate the color scheme of the wedding. I'm just waiting on proposals from all the florists so I can't wait to see what they send me!

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