Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiffany's Shower

The shower I threw for Tiffany was this weekend. It went wonderfully, or at least I think it did. However I learned a lesson during the process: next time have it catered or enlist more help. Luckily one of Tiffany's good friend threw the shower with me so she took on some of the work but I took the brunt of the cooking items. It was my fault that I decided to do a few items that required more work but I wanted it to be classy and not just a deli platter. Needless to say the sleepless nights turned out to be completely worth it. Thankfully I only have one sister.

I wanted to share a bridal shower game with all of you that we played at her shower and my shower. I stole this game from my friend Heather when we played it at her shower. I hate, hate, hate cheesy bridal games. But I do think that it's nice to have something to do other than just sit around. We played BRIDE which is a version of bingo. We made a BRIDE card just like a bingo card but left the boxes blank. Then everyone writes items they think the bride will open in the boxes. If she opens the item then you get to mark it off and the object is to mark off an entire row. If the get BRIDE or bingo then they get to choose a prize from the basket. We did things like blank cards, to do list note pads, journals, candles, lotions and such small little items.

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