Monday, August 31, 2009

Post office lessons

When making your own invitations be very careful to make everything according to post office regulations. My sister chose to DIY her invitations after my success with the same project. Somehow in the process her rsvp postcards ended up 3x5 instead of 3.5x5. Well the post office has delivered the postcards but has also decided that since they aren't exact that they are going to charge her 78 cents more per card that she recieves. I don't know how exactly they will enforce this, but it's not necessarily welcome news.

Secondly she did wrap around labels, used spray adhesive to adhere them to the envelopes. The post office machines damaged some of them even to the point of completely ripping them off resulting in lost invitations. Needless to say this has caused her significant headache and extra work. It's not any help now but lesson learned to make sure to double check all post office regulations and send a test invitation before mailing them all out.

Our invitation that made it safely to us!

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