Thursday, December 11, 2008


This has been a week of arrivals.

First the lavender I ordered off of Bravo Bride from a woman who ordered more than she needed for her wedding arrived. Needless to say the transaction was simple and easy. I payed her through PayPal, she had the lavender shipped the next day, and in my hands just a few days later. It's exactly what I needed at a great price! I will definitely be regularly perusing this website to find other items I don't necessarily need brand spanking new or want to pay full price for.

The other arrival was the Calvin Klein dress my sister ordered as a possible bridesmaid dress. I posted about this dress a week or so ago and had high hopes for it. She came over to try it on and all I have to say is, "Hello boobs!" The front is just cut a bit too low that it would showcase any size bust big or small a bit more than what is tasteful for the church. Also while shape wasn't awful it didn't do anything either. The color was GORGEOUS but it seems it's back to the chopping block.
I am only posting a picture of the back of the dress because when I was taking pictures I caught my sister off guard so she wasn't smiling and since I didn't get her blessing to post this I don't want a phone call or email saying, "Ugh, I look awful take that picture down." This way at least you can see the color. Oh how I wish this dress had worked out!

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